Quest - Stitchering

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Quest Get free designs, stitch and win a prize!
Welcome to the Stitchering Quest - an online event for stitchers! Here is a free designs, and until the Christmas day you have a chance to win a prize just by stitching it!
Designs These designs will be available for free for all quest participants
All designs by Stitchering
1 Year Kit Subscription The first one who finish all three designs wins this prize! Kits by Stitchering
1 Year Pattern Subscription The second one who finish all three designs wins this prize! Designs by Stitchering
Cross Stitch Pattern This prize is for everyone who finish all three designs till the end of event! Designs by Stitchering
We ship prizes worldwide!
How to win
  • 1. Get pattern by entering your email below
  • 2. Start to stitch!
  • 3. Share at least 2 work-in-progress photos in your Instagram with tag #stitchering. Don't forget to tag us: @_xstitch
  • Complete all three designs!