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Quest rules!

Stitchering Quest is free online event for stitchers! The upcoming one starts 13 February at 17:00 (UTC) and ends 16 February at 00:00 (UTC). The results will come a few days after.

The Main goal is to get maximum Quest Points. You can earn points in two ways: be finishing the designs and by completing the achievements.

To start stitch, choose the design. Some of them will be available from begining, some become available when you'll get enough score.

On your first choice, site ask you for a Instagram account. You need an public Instagram account, we'll be checking your progress by photos you'll publish.

After verifying your Instagram, site open you a chosen design and block access to all the others. It means, you can work on only one design at the same time.

When you finish stitch, add a photo with it to your Instagram with #stitchering tag and push "Publish" button on Quest Dashboard. We'll check the photo, refresh your score and then you will be able to choose next design.

Please, make sure that you finish the design before pushing "publish" button in order to avoid misunderstandings. Any abouses may lead to suspension of access to Quest.

Achievements You can earn additional Quest Points by completing the Achievements. There is only 5 of them, the conditions for each you can read by hovering it on the dashboard.
Some symbols in pattern don't show up! It's a issue of many PDF-readers. Use Adobe Reader for best experience!
What is "1 Year Pattern Subscription"? This subscription allows you to order Stitchering cross stitch patterns for free till 14 February 2019. You'll can order one pattern at once. Every next free order will be available after you'll finish the previous ordered design, share the photo of it in your instagram with hashtag #stitchering and tag @_stitchering there.
Should I stitch design exactly by pattern? Yes, if you want to win a prize you need to stick with the pattern.
What canvas should I use? You can use any type of canvas you want!